Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Win this!

I am trying to win this quit and get extra entries for posting this!! Go leave a comment to win it... (or don't! because I want to win it!) Isn't it beautiful!! I love the Ginger Blossom Fabric!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I worked really hard this weekend and finally finished a few things tonight. Britton was hiding in the bedroom and I was sewing up a storm and smelling up the living room with silicon glue (and watching the finale of the Batchelorette).
I have worked quite a bit on presents for my Mom's and MIL's birthdays which are in the middle of September. I guess that's how I operate.... either way prepared or way behind and trying to catch up. So although I have worked on the projects quite a bit I can only preview because I think my mom checks my blog once in a while.

I also wanted an affordable gift for the wedding we are heading to this weekend. We have spent to much on travel and wardrobe :) to afford the normal afghan. So I asked my recently married friend and she said she had really wanted cute luggage tags with her new married name. I had seen a few tutorials (here and here) so I kind of modified both and made my own version. I made some for us (since we are traveling this week) and for my friend Chelsea, shes moving soon and about to fly a bunch. I have another round I need to make for my fam (and the previously mentioned newlyweds who gave me the idea). I had to finally get out Jenny's machine that she lent me in April. (I needed a zig zag stitch to add the plastic part to the tags) I managed to thread it and the bobbin (multiple times) and didn't screw it up! Her's is SOOOO much quieter than mine.

Finally I finished these magnets which I bought the supplies for in February. I made some for the couple this weekend with their monograms and last name. Most of them are patterns off of fabrics and wallpapers out of Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, etc. I had punched them one weekend Britton was playing guitar at church and I had lots of random time. I know they are hard to see but this is them on a cookie sheet. I had to make all of the magnets I had, because the tube of silicone popped and so I had to use it all up.
I have to go clean up from dinner and my crafty chaos. I have put off that and packing (I have to do it tomorrow night) I need to finish laundry and make banana bread for our staff meeting. I really want to make more tags tomorrow.... We'll see. I have to finish sub plans too. Arg... off to the less fun real world.