Thursday, April 16, 2009


Ironically I have hardly crafted since I last posted. I am living in "the derby city" and although the rest of the world is oblivious the Kentucky Derby is in 2 weekends, my "part-time" job is not so part time as I help sell hats to half the crowd. They are crazy! Gotta love hats.... anyways I wanted to post the few bday gifts I managed to complete and my squares from the quilt along.... I love them, so I am sad that I haven't had time to do anything... Oh well. :) Soon enough I guess.

I did make these birthday sleeves. :) I like the yellow and black scraps, but I love the random scraps one and I think that my boss loved it too... so that's good. I started sorting my scraps when i was working on them and had to quit because I didn't have time.... I am looking forward to going through them though.... and I my next project for me involves lots of scraps, but it might be awhile...

While in CO I worked on my blocks and I worked on another pixel pillow. This one is for another groomsman's bday and I had a plan to not chain piece insanity for this one. I had to have it finished the day after we got back. I used fusible webbing. It took longer than I thought but definitely less than the last. It is more consistent than the last. The image is the "keyblade" from Kingdom Hearts (another video game).

P.S. I do have a job interview with a local district for a job for next year.... if you could keep it in your prayers.