Sunday, January 31, 2010


Good bye January. I have very much enjoyed this month and hope February continues to be as fabulous. :) It has to be romantic and full of love right? I already got roses this week, so we're off to a great start.

I finally finished my slurg snail. Snails are a big inside joke/ reminder of love between Britton and I. We have a few ceramic ones, but this one is homemade :) I painted the snail on the fabric first and then basically colored him in with embroidery floss. I like hows he turned out. I think he'll hand in my studio for a while. Slurg is what snails say, like cows say moo. So, obviously it also how snails say I love you.
These are my new map spheres :) They all fell down after I hung them, so I have to hang them again. I had seen a tutorial to make them out of Christmas cards. Actually I made one but it was too busy out of so many designs, I love the maps because they are similar colors and style but each side is unique. I love maps!! I don't know why they make me so happy. I had bought an atlas for 50 cents this summer and it was fun to use it. I made them out of various sized circles. A few are made out of the index and those look really cool too. I need to get them back up off the floor. :)
On my trip to CO, I needed something to work on, on the plane. I ended up making 4 of these :) Britton hates the .s but the one I saw somewhere on line had them, and I like the color they add. I am also trying to add a little color to my red/black/white kitchen. So, one of these helped.
I have been a good crafter but a bad poster for awhile now. I am also doing a much better job cooking (not eating out) and I am trying to start working out. I will try to include more sharing too. :) I organized my pictures, so hopefully that will help. Happy almost Groundhogs day! :)