Monday, August 25, 2008

Not busy me...

This week has been spent looking for jobs (keep praying) and reading. I was going non-crafting crazy and was trying to figure out what I could do that takes up no space.... I finished a baby blanket (which I forgot to photo). I tried to shuffle boxes to find my works-in-progress box, but it didn't work (now all the boxes are straighter in the garage though)

I finally ordered a pattern I had been admiring on etsy. I originally saw them here. I love her colors. I want to make a HUGE pillow for me and one for Kelly. I am also thinking about making some nativity puppets and wanted some ideas. I thought I would start with the actual pattern and picked out felt that matches Kelly's love for green. I might have to make Ireland some purple ones though....

I don't think I've ever really embroidered, so it was a new challenge. I think they turned out cute. I didn't give them mouths.... The larger size will have more embellishment.

I found another blog addiction today called , it is an adorable couple about our age who are super awesome do-it-yourselfers and a great source of inspiration... except it makes me want to spend money :).... They use "moodboards" and some of my other blogs do "inspirationboards" for weddings and decor. I decided I needed to do some of my own, Britton is supposed to put our photoshop on my computer so if I can acutally pull them off I will post some. They include our already owned furnature and then what I want for our spaces.... right now I am just working on bedroom and livingroom. We finally agreed on an accent color for our bedroom, so I think I am going to work on a matryoshka to match that color scheme and I have some fabric I already own that I might make a pillow out of. (I found that box.)

So... Keep praying that we find jobs soon and (I am a complete idiot and Britton got me a new digital camera for our anniversary (ours had gotten stolen out of my desk at school) and on the first night we went out I managed to lose it. I swore it was in the car, but I can't find it. So if that would amazingly reappear that would be amazing too.)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Busy me....

So I haven't posted in almost a month. Sorry! I have been very productive, some crafty mostly not so much. I finished the table runners I was making for my mom and my MIL for their birthdays. (They are next month, but since I am with my parents today and won't see my mom for her bday, she got hers) and my MIL doesn't read my blog, so I can share!
I found a red-white-and-blue table runner I really liked in a quilting magazine. It was pretty country and I liked it but I have been collecting more mod fabrics for a few months. I started these toward the end of june and made 10 blocks total. They are "courthouse step" blocks and have red centers with white and blue steps.
Once I had all the strips cut, I pieced them and then completed 10 squares. I connected the squares, alternating the white and blue. Then I added the red boarders. It took me a little while to figure out how to quilt them. I had to pin them twice and rip out and requilt 1/2. I finally found a tutorial and pinned them to my carpet, which worked well. I borrowed my friend Jenny's machine (which she had never used) and quilted with a zig-zag around the squares. The LGSM only has forward and back, no zig-zag.

I was worried about choosing backing and binding fabric, but a nice lady at the quilt store helped me and I am happy with my choice. They are kinda of 30s print and I think they work. My mom loves hers! :) She even said she was going to show her quilty friends, which I guess is a big deal.

Anyways in the last month we decided to move back to Louisville. (so pardon the pics that show chaos) So I packed the apartment and everything we own is in our cars or the Penske truck. I have done very little crafting because I was so busy packing our house and classroom. Between report cards and chaos I am exhaused. I am so glad we spent an extra night in CO so I could relax. I am very stiff from carry boxes and climbing the stairs for 2 days straight and then sitting in the car for 2 days staight. ( I also sunburned my right shoulder badly from my sunroof- so I am very uneven and my shoulder hurts! What a dork!)

So the shower I helped Kelly make invites for the last time I was home is this coming week and I am sad I cannot attend. So since everyone in CO at my house was at work today I threw together an apron for Lily. I wish I had a cookbook or whisk or something to go with it. Oh well. I used an apron my mom had for my idea and went for it. The tension was screwed up on her machine so I dug the LGSM from the back of the moving truck and used it. The tension on it was funky too. I am almost positive mine was because of a dull needle. Oh, well. It's cute. I looked up her registry and am hoping it matches her kitchen.
I hope I will be crafty this month, but starting new jobs and moving with my inlaws for 6 weeks might stall the crafting a little... Although both my SILs have birthdays this month.... So we will see.