Thursday, October 28, 2010

Another summer staple was our trip to the state fair. I wanted a fuzzy bunny!!
We went with our friends Melanie and Ryan, which is pretty much tradition too. Britton and Mel are eating their pork butt on a stick. Their fair favorite.
Here is Wendy, Mel, the frosty, and me.
We split a krispy kreme burger. (It had doughnuts as the buns) It wasn't too bad when split 4 ways, but definitely fair food to be consumed rarely.
Until next year :)

Summer Party

I managed to fit in my Summer dinner party just at the end of summer, although its been an unseasonably warm fall so I probably could have squished it later :)

The food turned out great and the company was wonderful! It was a great way to celebrate the best parts of summer with our friends.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Britton's Bday

For Britton's Bday, His parents and I got him tickets to see the Broncos in Nashville. It was the first NFL game for both of us. We got to go with our friend Casey and Emily who live in Nashville. We stayed at Emily's condo and tailgated with her bronco loving friends. It was so fun!

And the Broncos Won!!! YEA Broncos!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I made this invites using photoshop... I feel very over my head, but I like how they turned out. :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

This was the summer of weddings and this post is a mashup of us and friends from all the occasions. :) The Smiths and The us @ the Gaither's rehearsal dinner.
My friend Casey... AMAZING wedding and she did it all!
Her photobooth wall was awesome!
My SIL and I @ the Gaither wedding.
The boys from the wedding. I LOVE this picture. :)

shirt refabs

This summer I found a bunch of white tank tops for 97cents each. I bought like 15. I split them between me and my girl. Here she is modeling one pre-dye! :)
I bought a bunch of colors for under 2 bucks each.
We did 2 colors at a time. Lots of stirring...

And rinsing.... It was hot.

Here is our finished rainbow. I wear mine under stuff and BAT sleeps in hers :) (I shortened her straps a little.) Teal and Green are a little splochy but not bad for a first shot.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


I did the font for the Kindergarten bulletin board and was happy with how it turned out :) My kids and I spent quite a few days at the zoo this summer :) We had dinos visiting the zoo.

The K/1s do a big derby parade here for school. Kindergartners ride stick horses and 1st graders make floats or sandwich boards. My girl and I made her a jockey hat and then decorated. The back has "thunder over Louisville" which is our big derby kick of fireworks show, and the Belle of Louisville which is the famous riverboat.
The font has a horse and a hot air balloon, (Derby festival has a balloon race too)

Happy Derby! :) (way way late... or early!)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Home Sweet Home

In August I got to go to Colorado for the wedding of a dear friend. The weather and views did not disappoint. It was so beautiful!

It was at a beautiful chapel in Estes Park. They even rang the bell.
Here is me and Jonathan. I was soooo glad I got to go. Check out the amazing view from their reception. He broke both his arms a few days before the wedding, which made for some laughs. poor guy.

Kelly was an amazing wedding date!
I made them a subway art wedding gift too. I LOVE the black and have since made one for us...
They had a fingerprint guest book. They are both artists and painted the tree together. I LOVE IT. Words fall short of how awesome I think it is.
It was my parents 29th Anniversary too. We celebrated by going to cheesecake factory. cheers mom and dad!
I think I giggle more with kelly than anyone else on earth. There are quite a few outtakes of this shot. Thanks for being awesome kelly!

It was such a great trip.

Long Time Gone....

My sister asked for a blog post.. and Britton is off to the midnight showing of Ghostbusters. I also had a ridiculously productive crafty day. :) Here's to catching up on some fun stuff.

I bought 2 of these tank-tops on clearance @ Target. ($1.87 each). I cut one and used it to make the pleated collar. I love it! :) Its more ruffled after washing if I don't iron it, but either looks fine.
Thanks for pardoning the awkward pic :)