Thursday, May 27, 2010

DC Birthday Trip

As previously mentioned, Britton treated me to a extra-long weekend/birthday trip to Washington DC. He was super thoughtful and planned way ahead, reserving us a spot to stay with friends and scheduling tours etc. It was SOO much fun and really only our second time to really travel together since our honeymoon, besides visiting family, etc.

This picture is us after our tour of the Capital, here we are in the National Archives. It was a beautiful building and fun to see an original Gutenberg Bible.
Here is me, near the capital :)
Starr and Steven, our friends who we stayed with, went with us to dinner to celebrate. We ate at a yummy Mexican restaurant. Chips and salsa are one of the ways to my heart. <3
We had popsicles on the mall between Smithsonians.
Britton hung out with C3PO.
We got to see many of the memorials. The WWII memorial hadn't been here when both of us had traveled to DC with our families/school. It was very cool to see. It was dusk and the sun set was so pretty!

We saw the Vietnam and Korea memorials after dark, with tours from the National Park Rangers. That was one of our favorite things. I got a pencil and rubbed my Great Uncles name off the wall. It is sobering to rembember that my freedom comes at such a cost.
The Korean Memorial was Britton's favorite. It just seemed very real and personal. It was very neat to see it in the dark.
We went to Arlington. We saw a wreath ceremony at the tomb of the unknown soldier. It made both of us cry. So neat. A guy I went to highschool with is burried in Arlington and I looked him up.
The Seabee memorial is just outside Arlington. My Pappaw was a SeeBee, building runways, etc. for the Navy on the Pacific Islands.
Here is us outside the Whitehouse.
Here is our tired faces, after packed days of sightseeing, and the long drive home in the rain.
SOOOO MUCH FUN! Thanks Britton, this will be hard to top :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

28 before 28

This is my list of 28 things I want to do before I turn 28. (355 days :) )

1. Run a Race

2. Monthly Planned Dates/Adventures with Britton

3. Use my projector

4. finish a quilt

5. Save/tithe

6. girlscookguysclean

7. build a piece of furniture

8. camp red river gorge

9. at least 4 wreaths

10. memorize Romans 8

11. Picnic

12. Host 4 seasonal dinner parties

13. Awesome Birthday for Britton

14. Send at least Birthday Cards on Time

15. Trip with Sisters

16. sell stuff on etsy

17. 2 weekend trips with BDR out of town

18. Print Wedding Photos

19. Read a biography

20. Colorado Pillow

21. Long Weekend with Kimmi

22. Photo Wall

23. 10 more license plates

24. paint a chevron wall

25. Thanks Journal

26. Create a Decorative Family Tree

27. Pay off 2 credit cards

28. cook 3x weekly (not eating out)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

27s best

I turned 27 last weekend. :) My husband treated me to an amazing trip to DC. It was SOOO wonderful!! :)
This is the first of my 3 birthday posts. I wanted to list the 27 best parts of my year.... things, parts, and people that I'm so very thankful for! In no particular order:

1. Colorado Trip
2. My awesome amazing fun and wonderful Co-workers

3.Kristy’s Phone calls


5. Kelly- our study

6. Having a studio
7. K-1st Derby

8. 2 Years!

9. Friend's Thanksgiving

10. Blog inspiration- including but not even close to limited to...

11. BAT and Scott

12. Casey and Emily

13. First Craft Show

14. Zoo Trips

15. KY Fall

16. Wonderful and Supportive Parents

17. SingAlongs :)

18. Wedding Bee
19. Paint Chips
20. Lisa Tobe
21. Married to my Best Friend

22. MJ and Ryan's Wedding

23.Wine Tasting

24. Susan Beach
25. Reunions

26. Starbucks

27. DC Birthday Trip

Monday, May 10, 2010

My Awesome Rug!

I am still trying to catch up, but wanted to share one of my recent most favorites :) I started with a tan carpet square for $2.99 from Meijer. Then I covered it in tape strips and drew on my faux bois (wood grain) pattern.

I then cut the tape on the lines. The white parts stayed on my rug and the colored in parts got trashed.

Then I used my brown spray paint and made sure it had even coverage. :) I waited for it to dry- impatiently and hoping.

I am thrilled with how it turned out! I was glad to get my poinsettia rug put away :) It is a tiny bit small for an entryway rug. When I do it again I will get a more expensive ($5) rug! :) The tape was a little hard to work with, I think i would just use paper and tape it down well, or use contact paper, next time.

I can definitely see myself making these with monograms or fleur de lis etc. for shower/ wedding presents.