Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Busy me....

So I haven't posted in almost a month. Sorry! I have been very productive, some crafty mostly not so much. I finished the table runners I was making for my mom and my MIL for their birthdays. (They are next month, but since I am with my parents today and won't see my mom for her bday, she got hers) and my MIL doesn't read my blog, so I can share!
I found a red-white-and-blue table runner I really liked in a quilting magazine. It was pretty country and I liked it but I have been collecting more mod fabrics for a few months. I started these toward the end of june and made 10 blocks total. They are "courthouse step" blocks and have red centers with white and blue steps.
Once I had all the strips cut, I pieced them and then completed 10 squares. I connected the squares, alternating the white and blue. Then I added the red boarders. It took me a little while to figure out how to quilt them. I had to pin them twice and rip out and requilt 1/2. I finally found a tutorial and pinned them to my carpet, which worked well. I borrowed my friend Jenny's machine (which she had never used) and quilted with a zig-zag around the squares. The LGSM only has forward and back, no zig-zag.

I was worried about choosing backing and binding fabric, but a nice lady at the quilt store helped me and I am happy with my choice. They are kinda of 30s print and I think they work. My mom loves hers! :) She even said she was going to show her quilty friends, which I guess is a big deal.

Anyways in the last month we decided to move back to Louisville. (so pardon the pics that show chaos) So I packed the apartment and everything we own is in our cars or the Penske truck. I have done very little crafting because I was so busy packing our house and classroom. Between report cards and chaos I am exhaused. I am so glad we spent an extra night in CO so I could relax. I am very stiff from carry boxes and climbing the stairs for 2 days straight and then sitting in the car for 2 days staight. ( I also sunburned my right shoulder badly from my sunroof- so I am very uneven and my shoulder hurts! What a dork!)

So the shower I helped Kelly make invites for the last time I was home is this coming week and I am sad I cannot attend. So since everyone in CO at my house was at work today I threw together an apron for Lily. I wish I had a cookbook or whisk or something to go with it. Oh well. I used an apron my mom had for my idea and went for it. The tension was screwed up on her machine so I dug the LGSM from the back of the moving truck and used it. The tension on it was funky too. I am almost positive mine was because of a dull needle. Oh, well. It's cute. I looked up her registry and am hoping it matches her kitchen.
I hope I will be crafty this month, but starting new jobs and moving with my inlaws for 6 weeks might stall the crafting a little... Although both my SILs have birthdays this month.... So we will see.


Kelly said...

I love the apron, nice colors, I think that the Bride will love it :)

The one for your mother is lovely too. I know that she loves it and that you worked very hard on it.

Wammy said...

HAven't checked you g=for awhile good thing I did. I need the email for the in-laws. I ave a license plate for you...TX. Sisn't know you were moving back. That is great...we aren't too far and I have a friends in L'ville. Fun. Good luck...come visit we are only 100 miles away. Love the quilt runner and the apron.

Katie said...

It wasn't complicated at all. Its just one of those "It's so easy it's Simplicity" patterns you can get at Wal-Mart. I didn't find it hard at all. That was my first attempt at a zipper and I didn't have any trouble with that either, although I do have a zipper foot for my machine. I'm not sure if you can change the feet on your machine and that may make a difference.