Tuesday, May 27, 2008

3 day weekend!

I don't have too much to say but I did have a very enjoyable 3 day weekend! I love sleeping in. Someday last week I decided I was sick of the blue rug in the bathroom that didn't match the shower curtain. I moved all of the vacation pictures and sea shells that matched the pre-wedding beach decor to the laundry room. (Who isn't wishing for vacation while doing laundry?) And attempted to match the decor with the brown/green shower curtain that I picked out and love.

These cubes also got exiled from the bedroom, Britton thinks they are too dormroom/junky... I love them. Anyways I have held out for a while and finally got a lovely piece of art from my friend Chelsea for my birthday, which is neither dormroom, nor junky, so the cubes moved to the bathroom with their green artifacts. (junk) They inspired me to go mostly green in the bathroom. I did by plastic poppies to put in the Ale8 bottle to decrease its "junky" appearance.
So I raided my yarn stash and crocheted stripes from all my greens, browns, off whites, and made a bath rug that matches the shower curtain!
Then today I bought 9 5x5 canvases (for $1 each!!!) and 9 cool green fabrics (in fat quarters or fat eighths). Then I used my handy dandy staple gun and stretched the fabric on the canvases. I am headed back tomorrow to get the rest of the $1 canvases. I have an idea :)
Happy Memorial Day! Thank you again to those who sacrifice for our freedom and liberty and the freedom and liberty of others.


Katie said...

Your canvases turned out great! Where did you buy your fabrics? I love them...ok so love is a strong word, but I like them a lot!

Jennifer's Blog said...

Hey there! Just wanted to say hey and see when you are coming back. Luv ya'll hope to see you soon.