Saturday, May 17, 2008

And I thought a whole week was bad....

Time flies, I have still had a little time for crafting (not this week, but before) but no time for blogging! Britton's Aunt and Uncle were in town this week. I became ancient (25!!). The school carnival was last night (I ran the under 7 basketball booth), and I sold hot dogs and soda to raise money for school this AM. Then errands and now homework, which I am procrastinating so I can blog! (My mom said she showed it to someone and told someone else about it, so maybe it should be relatively up to date!)I finished the sleeves from the previous post. I think I have mentioned the sleeves. They are wonderful :) Especially for coffee addicts.

While I was looking for the link again, I found this, which I might try, I really like the button and that its "more manly."
However, my LGSM doesn't have a button hole stitch. I girl from work loaned me her never-used nifty machine but I am slightly afraid. I haven't had time to mess around with it.

For Treya's bday I made her a lunch bag and coffee sleeve. She is a Vikings fan (can you tell)? It was challenging to find Vikings fabric in May in Vegas :)

The next project was derby decorations, our party was on, off, then on again. Not a huge turnout but it's the quality of the company, not the quantity! right? So here's my derby pennants, made using this tutorial. (they call it bunting in England and Australia!)

I used felt and black polka-dot bias tape (that I made) first time for that too! My ideal is to decorate each flag like a different stable's derby silk but that might be next years derby craft. I still have a bunch of triangles cut on my bookshelf, I need to make more bias tape too.

Then for my mother's day presents I made these for my mom and mil and a much smaller version for my Mammaw. The mom and mil bags where made much larger than the original idea and the Mammaw bag was slightly smaller than the original. I modified them slightly. The bigger bags now have larger straps to use over a shoulder. I also attached the linings more securely. I loved the colors, which I found for super cheap and picked out with my mom in mind. The green was kind of a honeydew speckled color and then the lining and front pocket was kind of dark cantaloupe. They looked cool. I don't know if I would use the pattern again but they turned out cool and I really liked the front pocket and flap.

I also made another baby blanket which I will post when I finish the stuffed wombat I am attempting to make to go with it.


Kelly said...

a stuffed wombat? that seems silly. you are so crafty, i like the sleeve with the button. happy day to you :)

theshellaby's said...

geez... i had a lot to catch up on! super cute stuff1 good job for you! i don't use my coffe sleve too much right now seeing as how it is hot outside and i drink cold coffee when it's hot... but i do love it! :)
i am taking sewing lessons with my grandma this summer! maybe i will be able to make YOU something!!! :)
love you!