Tuesday, March 31, 2009


So we managed to come to Colorado for part of my spring break!!! I am here almost a week and Britton was here Friday until today. We had a great time!

Friday night my parents got symphony tickets. It was Rodgers and Hammerstein night at the symphony. They played clips from the movies and played parts of the score. It was awesome. (Thanks Mom and Dad!)

We have had a bunch of quality time with one of my bf's Kimmi and her kiddos. Her eldest was our flower girl and it's crazy to see how grown up she is. We went to Casa Bonita- Britton had never had the privilege or experience. It is "the Disneyland of Mexican Restaurants." We had a lot of fun!
It is so nice to have a break and have time off with my husband and visit my parents. Colorado has also lived up to it's infamous spring weather.... snow days intermingled with days in the 70's! crazy fun! :) I love sunshine and am looking forward to the remaining days of my break.

I also am working on this quilt at Oh Franssion (she is amazing!) .... I am loving it and enjoying my fabric pics, but feeling very behind :) Oh, well.


Kelly said...

what a fun quilt you are making, i think that i am inline for one next :)
jealous you are in colorado and get to do all sorts of fun things :)
glad you are having fun and enjoying the snow!

Wammy said...

You better make sure when you pack tha Cassie and the kids are in your bag. Looks like you are feeling better and that going HOME feels good.

grammy said...

nice to see you back again...great to see you yesterday... fun material.

kristy said...

I am glad you have fun visiting CO, next up a visit to the Bay area I hear! Also your quilt looks amazing, you are pretty impressive! Have a good day!

Jennifer Paganelli said...

Ok so you totally rock!!!