Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fell off the Planet...

So sorry I have missing all month. I have not had the time to craft and blog so crafting won out. I tried to post once and couldn't get the pictures to load and give up. SO I am going to try to post a few posts now and have a bunch of pictures.
3 weeks ago I ended up in urgent care, twice.... first I had a sinus and upper respiratory infection and then I had type A influenza. I slept a lot. I was down for the count. I ate 2 boxes of Popsicles in 3 days.... gross! But i bounced back and have managed to finish/start quite a few new things.
I managed a trip to my local quilt store for their fat quarter sale. I had a gift certificate from Christmas and so I managed to get quite a lot for just a little! :) Woot! I got all these and then the black and whites for my mod-quilt.
I finally finished all the auction stuff just in time for the auction. I re-did the onsies and tried to straighten the anchors using interfacing (I also added the borders and stitching.) They are still crooked- but they were cute and sold well with the adorable bibs. I made up my own pattern- similar to one I had used last year, and they turned out really great.
We started this teepee as the room's dontation to the auction. I put together the components of it and the kids decorated it. Well they liked it so much that we decided to keep it in the room. It's definately a fun hiding place.
I made this scarflette and coffee cozy for a girl in my small group. I had to learn how to purl... (it's a knit/purl repeating pattern) it turned out great.... even if it is just in time for spring! I started with this pattern but I had an odd number of rows, instead of even, because of the odd I ended up with kinda of a checkerboard pattern, instead of the ridges. I think I like it better! I am still a little slow but I will definately need one in my closet in the fall and it would be a good gift.
I patchworked this cozy and lined it with black polka-dots. It turned out cool and it was nice to only use scraps.
A girl at work is adopting 2 kiddos from Ethiopia. They had a shower at work and I wanted to do something other than baby blankets. I saw something similar... somewhere... I can't find it. and was inspired to make these for her kiddos- Madalyn and Carson. I wanted to make the boy one without an animal so I settled on an acorn. The nursery colors are pink, blue and brown. I used almost all scraps and frames with mattes that I found on clearance.


Kelly said...

look at all your crafting!! you should see my impressed face :)
i like the bibs and onesies... cute and sailor like
i am impressed with your knitting.
good job. such a crafter. glad you are feeling better :)

Wammy said...

Taleant just oozzazzzzaes from your fingers. When do you find time to do all of this! Glad to see that you ae back...missed reading the blog.