Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hello :)

Sorry I have been gone for so long! I am working as a nanny this summer and at the craft store and It has been awesomely, ridiculously busy.... good busy though.
The family I am working for is great, I am loving being a part of their family. I am working with the little girl whom I worked with all spring- she will be 7 this month, and her brother who is 8. I very lovingly refer to them as "the kid" and "kid 2"- to their face I call them various things (dude, their names, princess cupcake, goofball, silly, kiddo, captain wonderful, professor, etc.) They are busy so a lot of shuttling from thing to thing, but a lot of swimming, walks on the trail, playing, crafting, baking... Exhausted but loving it.
We got our own apartment- from here on out referred to as the Chateau. It rocks. It has a ton of closets and they are all like Harry Potter Tents- they appear small and normal, but in reality are massive and allow for storage of all of our stuff, truly miraculous. That being said we are trying to get the end of things unpacked and organized and I have quite a few projects and life to share :). I also have a "studio" room in the apt and it is shaping into such a great space. It feels SO good to easily find my materials and easy to clean up now that they all have a home. My work space is HUGE too, compared to all previous homes and that makes it easy to work as well.
I will try to take pictures in the next few days, I have a few more things that need put away/swept/hung up/etc.
My first sewing project for my new house was coasters! :) I had some wooden frame coasters and they were in pretty poor shape. I decided we needed to move on to better. I am a coaster enforcer and who wants to bring attention to those.... forever ago I had seen a make it Monday tutorial about pinwheel coasters. I had linen for a future project. How great is that! I didn't even buy anything for this project! The tutorial has a pattern but I haven't hooked up the printer, so I made my own. They turned out great! I love my scraps. Here they are in their coaster glory- ready to save my coffee table from the evils of the condensation that hold such power here in the shallow south.

P.P.S. We got new blank tea towels in a work and I am the embroidery expert (!?) so I got to sew flowers on the sample. It's cute.


maulani said...

Insanely cute!
i love handcrafting a lot! But am not good at it though i tried.

This one inspires me to make self-made statement necklace with buttons.


Wammy said...

Glad to have you back. I am sure it is so nice having all that space! Good for you guys! I can't wait to see pics.

Kelly said...

whew, wondering where you were ;)

i like the coasters. cute.

i am happy about your house but mad that there are still no pics.

happy crafting :)

grammy said...

Hi kiddo... nice to have you back and sooo busy and happy. Love it that you have a place to live and a room for you to create (o: Look forward to the pics of your place.