Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Visit Deux-

Welcome back :)
Kelly asked for me to clarify, so hope this helps, My spaces are now highlighted with boxes :)
This is the living room on the wall across from the doorway is the couch. I am thinking of painting this wall.

Moving clockwise is the chaise, and a table, my new favorite garage sale chair that will be re-done when I can choose a fabric.

On the opposite wall from the Couch is the entertainment center (it is next to the door).

And on the right is a small bookcase/Roxy the goldfish. and the doorway to "the studio".

The studio should be the dining room, but we only have a kitchen table so it is my space for now! :) I am loving it. I feel so organized and inspired I love the lighting from the huge windows too.

Toward the bathroom and bedroom is the "bonus room" or 2nd bedroom. It is the game room and lives up to its title. Britton has every old school gaming system except a few and this is home to his massive collection. Now that he's finally got most things put away there is room for the futon we are getting, so it will be possible to use it for company, when necessary.

Back through the dining room is the kitchen. It has a huge empty wall that i am scheming to fix... (I think it might need Casey, who I recommended come visit me next month.

Ps. These are ribbon and button bookmarks that a girl from work and I made. They turned out really cute! I love the taxi, treasure map, and patriotic ones the most!


Kelly said...

look at your house!!
now i feel like i have had the grand tour and it is lovely.
thank you for the clarification and all the lovely pics. i am so glad you have it all organized and ready for my visit some time in the somewhat near future :)

Wammy said...

Wow...what the decorator you are! And you have been able to do all of that in such a short amount of time. I can only imagine what you will come up with over the next year. Congrats!

grammy said...

Very cool space and very tidy (o:

kristy said...

your pictures are lovely but I think I will need to see for myself someday! I am so excited to see you in a week!

theshellaby's said...

I just noticed i never commented on this post! I love the new place... well, kind of new now! but it is so super cute! i love the cute little touches you have already made! it looks very inviting! love it and love you!

randi said...

I love the spot where you have the frames and there is a bottle with flowers in it. Very cute!

the Provident Woman said...

Looks like a great place.