Sunday, November 8, 2009

Not dead :)

I haven't died, just been busy living and crafting. My sister, Kristy, has been kindly reminding me for awhile that I should update. :) I have quite a few things to post... it's been months! sorry. I have been busy making the chateau a home. I am loving having our space. I definitely have more projects going at a time now that I have the space...

This was an early September project that has been almost finished since mid-September.... keywords- almost! Sorry Casey! One of my great friends "got" this teris blanket for his birthday... Except I haven't quite finished it.... It is granny squares that are stitched together in their 4s and then together. I need to put this in a more prominent place so I quit skipping over it. Each square is about 4 inches and its 10 squares wide by 16 squares high... So about 40x64. Should keep him warm- if I can get it done.

This is my baby ironing board. The cover was sad and pathetic and so I recovered it using my pillow sham from my dorm room bedding. I loved it and figured putting it someplace I see frequently would bring me more happiness than it hiding in the closet.

I am also going to try to post things I am thankful for... So today I am very thankful for my husband. I am thankful that our self-esteem is found not in ourselves, and that we know where true love and security is found. (can you tell it was an interesting evening)


The Shellabys said...

Yea for a new blog! Good job, you!! :)
That blanket is awesome! I can't wait to see a finished product! I know I love my blanket from you so I know you friend will too!
And, I am thankful for you!! :)

Wammy said...

I have been hoping that you would return to the blogging world. I know that you have been busy with all the new stuff in your life.

Love the quilt top. It looks like Tetris to me.

Glad you are back.

Side note...Cassie and the kids are coming for a week today. They are leaving a fresh snowfall to come to the land of the leaves. I have saved a huge pile for them to jump in. I can hardly wait!

Britton said...

nice post, i liked the part about your husband, he seems nice.

Katie said...

Hello from being back from the not-so-dead :). I've been checking in and am excited to see a new post. What is your email by the way? I'd love to catch up. Much love.

Kelly said...

sadly, i have already seen those things... but nice job posting. remember your college sham, good times ;)