Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I was tired of this generic IKEA art. (excuse my doorbell) This is the "hallway" (its more square) between our bedrooms and bathroom and the dining room/ studio.I had seen a generic heart made out of polaroids in the window @ fossil around Valentines. So this had been stewing in the back of my head for awhile. I downloaded and used a free polaroid program and converted a bunch of pictures of us into polaroids. It makes them a little off center sometimes and makes the colors more like a polaroid too. I waited for Walgreens print 25 free, and printed 25 free. Britton printed 25 free for me too :) They ended up with the top and bottom correct, but the sides were not right, so I cut white cardstock and used a glue stick to make side borders.

It takes up a much larger part of the wall and it's so fun to see all of those fun memories and experiences all the time. :)

I tried to used double stick tape, but quickly realized that wouldn't work, so I used a small rectangle of foam mounting tape to hang each picture. The tape and my time were the only costs : )

Yay for being married to my best friend!


Wammy said...

vaicatreally cute idea....you are such the craft queen!

KellyKar said...

love it!! so cute and look at you two :)

The Miller Family said...

Super super cute! Love it!

grammy said...

so cute
that was fun that your Mom left a comment from there..here
heard she had fun

kellykar said...

your blog is under my hostess with the mostess which is new like every day and every time i see it i think it is yours and then i realize it is not and it makes me sad. you should post more. that is all.