Thursday, October 28, 2010

Another summer staple was our trip to the state fair. I wanted a fuzzy bunny!!
We went with our friends Melanie and Ryan, which is pretty much tradition too. Britton and Mel are eating their pork butt on a stick. Their fair favorite.
Here is Wendy, Mel, the frosty, and me.
We split a krispy kreme burger. (It had doughnuts as the buns) It wasn't too bad when split 4 ways, but definitely fair food to be consumed rarely.
Until next year :)

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Kelly said...

hooray for the fair :)
1. i think you should get a fuzzy bunny.
2. krispy kreme burgers sound really gross (along with pork butt)
3. i would like to go with you to the fair :)
4. do they have rides??