Sunday, October 24, 2010


I did the font for the Kindergarten bulletin board and was happy with how it turned out :) My kids and I spent quite a few days at the zoo this summer :) We had dinos visiting the zoo.

The K/1s do a big derby parade here for school. Kindergartners ride stick horses and 1st graders make floats or sandwich boards. My girl and I made her a jockey hat and then decorated. The back has "thunder over Louisville" which is our big derby kick of fireworks show, and the Belle of Louisville which is the famous riverboat.
The font has a horse and a hot air balloon, (Derby festival has a balloon race too)

Happy Derby! :) (way way late... or early!)


grammy said... are back? Love the kid pics and the picture of Jonathon and your parents.

kellykar said...

i love the bulletin board, the animal striped letters, super cute!! love the zoo and your amazing costume making ability... soon you'll have to do a Halloween one to follow spring...