Sunday, April 13, 2008

So the real beginning....

So Britton started my blog preemptively... I said I wouldn't blog until I had kids, but I am crafting again and excited to show the world my creations.... So y'all have to pretend you are as excited about my results as I am! :) Also, our digital camera is missing and so you will have to survive with the less than mediocre pictures from my blackberry. I finished two baby blankets last week and needed a big brother present to mail with one of them. I have had my eye on this for a while. I love the colors. Picking out fabric was a blast! I modified them slightly to make them crayon rolls for Henry and my non-nieces. (Until Britton's sisters or mine have kids for me to spoil I will be spoiling my friend's children) I am hoping to make one for my mom and myself too. But they are not high on the priority list. I have been working on the rolls off and on all week, picking fabric, cutting etc. I really like them.

Henry's, cute finished and all rolled up :)
Chloe's (the green/pink) is backwards black on the left, instead of red, and it gathered a little on the pocket. But I like them. I have a few other things to work on today... maybe this inaugural day will have 2 posts... :) we'll see. Thank goodness tomorrow is an inservice day and I don't have to grade stuff today (I'll do it in meetings tomorrow).

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Chelsea said...

ooooo I LOVE the crayon roles! Want to grade my papers during in service while your at it?