Wednesday, April 23, 2008

weary, but less annoyed.

I finally figured out that changing the needle fixed my problem. I do fine sewing until I run into a problem and then I panic. I am not good at problem solving with my little green friend. I am terrified of messing up the tension, I have no idea how to fix it. I researched online a little, and one recommendation was to change the needle. Hallelujah, that fixed my problem! So in the AM I changed the needle and finished this zip pouch for my friend Tyler's birthday. (I think she turned 8)

I only sewed a little this weekend. Most of it was spent cutting and
pinning, etc. I made a bunch of personalized coffee sleeves for friends.Like reusable, personalized sleeves.

I am not sewing tonight, but I am working on another baby blanket... This one is for a podcast "friend". It will be similar to the previous ones, (it has a ruffle because it's for a girl).


Kelly said...

you amuse me :)
i like the purple one.

Wammy said...

so now you are back on track. I hate having to change the needles on my quilting takes me two or three tries. So, now about taht blogging question?