Thursday, September 4, 2008


I made Britton put photoshop on my computer and have been attempting to learn out to use it, so I can make design/inspiration boards like the blogs I stalk so frequently. I made this one last week, it has lots of components of our vegas bedroom, but some additional color, etc.
We have the bed, the tree art, and the side tables. I want the rug, lamps, etc. I think yellow is going to be my accent color. (I already have a "gold" chair from my grandma that I adore)
These are fabrics I think I am going to use. I need to cover the lampshades I have or paint the lamp bases... I haven't decided.... Its weird planning for an unknown space. I keep picturing everything in the vegas apt. I think I want a black shade with yellow curtains, but I haven't found any fabric for curtains that I like. (this is all in theory for awhile, I can't spent $) :)


Wammy said...

I say it can't hurt to have a plan. Have all your ducks in a row ready to go when the time comes. I think that is a pretty great plan. Any news on jobs and such?

Kelly said...

i think this is a lovely room. i do like that bed and i can see it in your room now... too bad you don't have a nice yellow round pillow to go with it ;)