Wednesday, September 24, 2008


We are housesitting, which is wonderful. It's nice to have space (and electricity). I made my bias tape the first day we had electricity. (the iron requires it, since I don't have a "williamsburg" model) I like how it turned out, I cut it wonky, so the pattern runs in 2 directions. I don't think I have enough of one direction, so I will probably use each with its parallel.... but maybe I'll pair it to make 2 corners. What do you think? I am not to worried about it... you live you learn. I did put a white boarder on the front and back pannels, I thought it looked better sitting on the white than trying to match it with all the colors.

I am thrilled with how the back patchwork turned out. I am almost sad it's the back, since I am planning on hanging this on my future "doll quilt wall" in my crafting studio. Doesn't studio sound so much more hardcore :) ? I used the same 25 colors from the front, I really tried to use scraps, think I did well. Plus, I made 2 more kartwheels from my new heather bailey that I love and some totally great firework fabric I got in Vegas out of the cheap fat quarters. I ADORE fireworks, and wasn't sure how I was going to use it. I am sure it will pop up again but I like how it turned out. (I added white around the edge, post-photo)

I realized I hadn't shown the front together.

Finally I found this tute, from Crazy Mom Quilts about making a message board and made my log cabin squares to make one for my bedroom. I totally made them up as I went and love that I didn't screw it up :) I almost just want to use it for a 8x10 black and white or something. A pink and orange one could be really cool with my wedding pic. What a fun wedding present.... Sorry thinking outloud :) Anyways I don't have the board and linen, so it's probably on hold for now.

I am really trying not to spend any money and just use what I have... so I don't think I am going to finish my quilt because I don't want to spend money on batting... we'll see how long I can hold out. I wish money didn't stress me out. Hope you are having a wonderful first week of fall!


Britton said...

excellent work bear. i love you.

Wammy said...

Looks like someone has been busy. Love all the colors. What can you use instead of batting. Back in the day they used pieces of old blankets...several sheets folded any of those around? Keep your chin up!

Katie said...

Your quilt looks great! Love how clean the colors look on the white backdrop. My grandmother is going to make a quilt for Jackson. We're going to use the Single Girl pattern by Denise Schmidt (you can find it at, it has a similar feel. Great job! The nice thing about a quilt with a detailed back like that is that you can turn it over if you want to look at the other side for a while :).

Katie R said...

I love the single girl pattern, I'm still intimidated at the large size :) What colors is she going to use?