Saturday, September 20, 2008

decor and excuses

So, I said I would post more pics of the decor from Lindsey's party. I had some random coasters from a wedding shower. I just messed with the photoshop invite and created a smaller icon. Then I cut strips from the same paper I used to make the invitations. I modge-podged them :) and they turned out lovely. :)
Then I made flowers using this tutorial. I made the gobes and the flowers. The larger pink flowers are extra leftover strips. The multicolored flowers are following the tut. In the next pic, you can kind of see the globes made using the same tutorial (by the pillars). I really liked them and will probably make some kind for Christmas decor. They would be cute halloween in black and orange.

I had some left over scrapbook paper in the pink and orange, I made some old-school paper lanterns (no light) and hung them over the bar. They looked cute.
Here is the last glimpse of the crazy pink puff balls. I bought them for 90% off 50 cents- for 4 so 1.25 cents each. I didn't know what I was going to do with them. I ended stringing them on VERY thin pink yarn from the Mexican swap meet :) They were ridiculous but worked perfect for the occasion.

So, I showed you the decor... now for the excuses. I was quite uncrafty all week :( Louisville was hit by a category 1 hurricane... how crazy is that!!! Ike left TX and came through the Ville, the 'natti, Columbus, etc. And left hundreds of thousands without power. (Ours was out Sunday early afternoon until Thursday (yesterday) late afternoon.) It was a little crazy. Restaraunts (even fast food) were packed and Gas stations were nuts, because they were all either without power or out of gas because of the extra traffic. We did just fine. My friend Melanie loaned me a bunch of books (and I read all of them), but the LGSM requires power. :) It was also frustrating because the school district ended up taking the whole week off which is frustrating when I am anxious for them to process my paperwork so I can sub or offer me a job! Tonight I finished the bias tape, added a white boarder to the quilt top, and made coffee sleeves for Holly and Lindsey. Here is Lindsey's. It's been kind of a crazy week. How about you?

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Katie said...

Four days without power is a LONG time! Hooray for friends with good books :). Your decorations looked really cute, I'm starting to figure out what I'm going to do for Jackson's first birthday next month.

I've been busy all week working on my future duvet cover and accent bedding. I think it's going to look great. I'm quite excited!

Glad that your power is back and that all is well!