Tuesday, November 18, 2008


It has begun... No not what you are thinking. Yes, Christmas is rapidly approaching!! YAY!! But I am talking about something else. What is it with everyone I know having kiddos!!!??? I finished the first of MANY required baby blankets today. I have 9 more on my current list that I know of... I guess 'tis the season. Welcome to Aubrey who arrived last week... 2 weeks early! She is the first recipient of this very full season of baby gifts! Off to the post office tomorrow.... I already started on the next one... its pink and white.

P.S. I you are expecting and think you are on my list- let your color prefrence be known whenever possible. :o)

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grammy said...

You have so many projects going on. Busy girl. Hey, what is a good book for my first grader...she is always upset about mean things boys (or kids) say to her. Surely there is a good kids book about that. Leave me a comment I could use one. Silly me (o: