Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fall Walk!

I love the walking and quality time with Britton. It was beautiful! (These pictures are from last week, we walked today in the rain, and it was BEAUTIFUL but much colder. :)

Does anyone know what these green things are? Britton called them "horse apples" but he didn't know what they were. They were beautiful, the color and texture were very cool.
Happy Fall! Are you enjoying fall in your part of the country?


grammy said...

Hey Sweeie...good to see you blogging. Love the colors you still have there. Not so much here.

Kelly said...

i would be enjoying fall more here if it snowed. but it is lovely although my house doesnt have as many trees. good pics though.

Wammy said...

Those green balls are called Hedge apples or formally knows as an osage orange. Squirrels love then...they make them drunk. We first saw them used as dtable decorations at Shaker Town. We gather them and use them as table decorations too...the kids kinda have a little race to see who can call me to tell me where they saw them first.