Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I got the pictures yesterday but I didn't get it posted. Sorry. Happy Happy Thanksgiving!

I am quite proud of the wreath- it cost me less than $5!!! and its really cute. I might add a bow on the ribbon hanger, but I really like how simple it is. I got the wreath for 50% off $3.99. The ribbon I already had. I bought a blue R for 99 cents, and paint and a piece of scrapbook paper for 20% off 99 cents and 71 cents. :) I had to buy thumb tacks at Home Depot- $1.31 for a whole box, but I was there getting more paint samples, so I was glad to spend a little :).- more on that later.

These are my centerpiece, also on sale I bought the 3 colors of balls and the ribbon. I think it looks classy, I love the colors and it was really easy. Have a great Thanksgiving. It has been a crazy year, I still have tons to be thankful for! Wishing you a weekend full of friends and family, food, football :) and fun! Blessed be the Name of the Lord.


grammy said...

Love the wreath and the letter is cool. Beautiful center piece too. Nice place settings. I was just thinking today that I am still in the newly wed stage. Dishes and silverware just have never ranged way up there. Soooo, we have the moose didhes from a friends garage sale and mixed up silver and glasses that were free with a fill up years ago. (o:

Kelly said...

wreath is super fun :) i like the bow and i am impressed at your penny pinching skills. I like the centerpiece too, very classy. how were your pies?

Katie said...

Love the wreath, how simple and pretty! I really like the letter, great job! The centerpiece is very pretty and simple as well. You're on a roll :)!