Thursday, February 26, 2009

Valentine Catch Up!

I am a slacker :) sorry, a busy slacker. I have been somewhat productive, but between both jobs I haven't had time to craft and blog... so crafting it has been.
These are my valentine candy cane lolly-pops, (made using this tutorial) They broke prior to eating. Oh, well. They were cute for awhile.
This is similar to my sisters valentines with a U of L theme. It was for Britton's Aunt Debbie- we are housesitting for them again and I am so thankful!
These are my standard go to kid valentines- I made them for our class. Butterflies made with hearts and a stick of Big Red gum. They work and are fun!
This is Britton's valentine- it's link from Zelda. I am working on a larger Mario one, (which has been the big project lately.) Sorry this is such a bad picture, my camera battery died for awhile. These are my amazing valentine flowers! I love my husband, he did great this year. I felt like my gift was a little puny, we'll have to work on that. He picked out these flowers and had them assembled, he wanted to get close to my wedding flowers. They were beautiful!
He also got me a Nike + to go with the little ipod. It's a sensor that goes in your shoes and connects to a receiver in my iPod The sensor tracks your run, then sends the data to your iPod. It was on my list and I am hopeing it helps me get more active again.

I don't own the fancy Nike shoes that go with it, so I used a tutorial to make a pocket for my sensor that goes on my shoe laces. It looks a little bulky but it will work fine, and I love that I had fabric that matches my shoes :) I just finished it, so I'll let you know how it works :).

We went to a great pizza place for our valentines dinner. :) You can eat in a car. We ate in the trunk! :) It was fun and the pizza was great!


grammy said...

Very cute. You make the greatest things. That Nike thing will be great. Roni at ronieweigh always shows here running 'track' on her blog. She was a none exerciser when I first started reading her. Now she works out and runs. She started slow, so it is neat to see the progress she made. I will have to check to see if that is the right address.

Holly said...

Thank you!!! Your comment on my blog was so helpful. I own a 'Singer" machine and I am taking the presser foot right off of it and taking it with me to the sewing store!! :) I appreciate the help! -Holly

Anonymous said...

I love your Nike ipod thing! And your flowers remind me of your wedding too. Just gorgeous!

grammy said...

by the way I miss your comments (o: