Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!

I can finally post my sister's valentines. :) I made one key fob for Christmas, so this was just refining what I had learned. Kelly's matches her Birthday clutch and Kristy's is made with duvet scraps. I figured I'd stick with things I thought they'd love. I needed a keychain too, so happy groundhog's day to me. Mine is a fabric Britton bought me on clearance early in the fall. I hadn't used it yet and I really like it.

Their cards are variations on the square/ zig-zag cards I've made, but with hearts. I think they're cute. Happy Valentine's Day!


grammy said...

Happy heart day to you too. those are very cute. Hope you have a good weekend.

Kelly said...

happy valentines day to you :)
thank you! they are so fun!!

Katie said...

Love the key name too :). Did you use a tutorial? Can you send me the link? I'd love to have one of those...great gift idea, for guys and gals :).