Saturday, February 28, 2009

Auction and Extras...

So I got most of my stuff for the school auction made (can you tell we are the anchors?). Lots of key fobs, some future anchor onsies, (they need future still :) ) some coffee sleeves (they still need buttons). Another birthday sleeve, and new sleeves for kelly and I! :) We've misplaced ours... she asked for a new one and I needed an excuse to make myself another one.
I have 1 of my 4 chair cushions done, The rest are cut out and ready to pin. Hopefully I can show you them in a few weeks all finished and attached to their chairs!

PS. I couldn't load pictures last night and it's still being annoying tonight. I added buttons to all the sleeves. Kelly's and mine need larger buttons but all I could find were some little ones, so they will work for now. I have the rest of the cushions pinned too... we'll see how long it takes to reach that goal. Auction stuff has priority. Last night we hung out with some of our small group friends, and today we had UofL tickets and "family" dinner with some good friends. It was a great way to finish/start our week.


Kelly said...

you are a crafty little girl and this is my impressed face :)
i can't wait to get my sleeve.
happy day!

grammy said...

You are such a busy bee. hope the stuff goes over well at the auction.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love all your auction projects - they are sure to be best sellers!!