Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's Raining Brides! :)

In continuing in my wedding chaos I co-hosted a shower for a dear friend @ work. I was in charge of decor and invitations.

I used paint chips and photoshop to make the invitations. The chips would feed directly through my printer, but the ink wouldn't dry- it would still smear after 24 hours. I bought a digital ground, which I should have been able to paint a coat on and then print, but it still didn't work. So I ended up running the words off on transparencies and then using a zig-zag stitch to attach the words to the paint chip. I had to make them for the whole school, so I made them in 4 colors. Her wedding colors and accent colors.....

This is Casey, her cake, and the "art" that I taped to the white board. Her cozy says "I'm the Bride, that's Why!" :) I made 2 more paint chip wreaths. One for next the door of the classroom where we held the shower and one we hung over a small "guest book" table. She got to take that one home. They turned out well.

I made some signs that hung down similar to the invitations, but these I chain stitched so they hung down. Best Wishes! Congratulations John and Casey!I folded a bunch of paper medallions in coordinating colors too and hung them using twine.
I also chain pieced, circles punched from paint chips. They turned out well. I made some with 2.5" circles and some with 1" circles. I prefer the larger ones.

It was fun and I love any opportunity to celebrate with the people I love! :)


grammy said...

You will have to write a book on all the uses of paint chips. You are the paint chip Queen (o:
It all looked really good.

Kelly said...

look at you being all creative :) i am so impressed with your usefulness. i like the colors and bummer about all the printing, but you come out on top again with your creative genius.
nice work. happy wedding season.

kristykar said...

I bet the person who invented paint chips had no idea that you could be so crafty and inventive with them. Nice work! It looks lovely and makes me wish that you could come decorate for my next celebration! (That was an invite...)

Britton said...

looks cool klu! you are one talented bear!

Wendi Wallet said...

This is an amazing idea and I was wondering if you would mind if I used something similar for my daughter's birthday invitation. If it is okay, can you tell me what font you used?

Katie R said...

I tried to reply Wendy, but your profile is blocked. :) My "western fonts" that I downloaded at some point are DeLouisville
Mesquite STD
Anderson Four Feather Falls
Rosewood STD Regular
not sure exactly which I used. ( I think Mesquite and Rosewood) Thank you for your kind words. Let me know if you make similar ones, I'd love to see them!