Monday, May 10, 2010

My Awesome Rug!

I am still trying to catch up, but wanted to share one of my recent most favorites :) I started with a tan carpet square for $2.99 from Meijer. Then I covered it in tape strips and drew on my faux bois (wood grain) pattern.

I then cut the tape on the lines. The white parts stayed on my rug and the colored in parts got trashed.

Then I used my brown spray paint and made sure it had even coverage. :) I waited for it to dry- impatiently and hoping.

I am thrilled with how it turned out! I was glad to get my poinsettia rug put away :) It is a tiny bit small for an entryway rug. When I do it again I will get a more expensive ($5) rug! :) The tape was a little hard to work with, I think i would just use paper and tape it down well, or use contact paper, next time.

I can definitely see myself making these with monograms or fleur de lis etc. for shower/ wedding presents.


Jan said...

LOVE are now crowned the Craft Queen!

Kelly said...

woo hoo!! i like it :) but i think it looks more zebra than wood... nothing wrong with that!

grammy said...

you are the queen of projects (o:
Looks good

kristy said...

when you sent me a text pic I thought is looked zebraish, but in this picture I think that Kelly is wrong, it looks more like wood.
Your pool boy is correct!
Just think of all the things that you could make me!

The Shellabys said...

Katie!!!! That is so cool! Good job for you!

Kathy Carbone said...

I love your idea of turning a plain rug into something, it's pretty remarkable! Your choice of color is amazing, too; a little more of a chocolate brown. Taken as a whole, the design reminds me of a very refined wooden surface. It would make a gorgeous display! ;)