Thursday, April 15, 2010


I haven't fallen off the planet :) just kept busy. I LOVE paint chips, I think its the visual part of me- all that organization and color. YAY! Anyways... over spring break I made a new set of cards using a zig zag stitch and paint chips. They are so fun and I have already used a bunch of them, so more are probably in the works.

I gave in and made the bunnies from Purl Soho- SO FUN! (Congratulations on their new location!) Brooke loved them.

She even took them for show and tell. :) Scott got a new Percy Jackson shirt for Easter. (following this stencil) He and I had read the books, so he was quite happy.

I have a few more posts with pics already so I'll try to get them written and posted. Everyone is getting married though and so I am a busy person :)


grammy said...

Oh my goodness
it is katie Lou
cute bunnies
and cute girlie (o:

Kelly said...

cuteness is what you are all about. (i thought that sounded like a horoscope after i wrote it)
i like the shirt and i am hoping bono's will live up to percy's :)

Matt & Beth said...

Glad you're back. I was just thinking about you yesterday.