Thursday, February 18, 2010


Obviously it is now March, but I still have lots to be thankful for :) I was really excited about my thanksgiving signs/bunting. They say- gather, family, and thankful. I found some "fall" fabric and sew the rectangles, then turned them and added freezer paper stencils to paint the letters. I used a bronze paint which was a little subtle but I really liked.

I hosted our "friends Thanksgiving" this year. Most of these boys(and Melanie) have been friends since about 6 grade, the rest of us have married in (or are in the process) :)
I went to Columbus, OH to hang out with my Mammaw. My cousin Shannon and I took over her living room and raided her fabric. We got a bag of designer scraps from here, and went to town. We are quite proud of our bracelet cuffs and headbands.

This is my cousin Joel, when everyone was over for family dinner.
I found these canvases for $2 each @ Michaels, I stapled them together and covered them with fabric, then used left over scraps/hot glue, I used a tutorial, but I can't find it, for my thanksgiving wreath.

Hope you still have many things to be thankful for in March :) I do!


Kelly said...

and i am thankful for you and your craftyness :)
nice work!

happy zombie said...

You're so crafty and beautiful, Katie! I love your thanksgiving bunting too. I hope you keep it up year round. It's so beautiful on so many levels!

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