Thursday, May 27, 2010

DC Birthday Trip

As previously mentioned, Britton treated me to a extra-long weekend/birthday trip to Washington DC. He was super thoughtful and planned way ahead, reserving us a spot to stay with friends and scheduling tours etc. It was SOO much fun and really only our second time to really travel together since our honeymoon, besides visiting family, etc.

This picture is us after our tour of the Capital, here we are in the National Archives. It was a beautiful building and fun to see an original Gutenberg Bible.
Here is me, near the capital :)
Starr and Steven, our friends who we stayed with, went with us to dinner to celebrate. We ate at a yummy Mexican restaurant. Chips and salsa are one of the ways to my heart. <3
We had popsicles on the mall between Smithsonians.
Britton hung out with C3PO.
We got to see many of the memorials. The WWII memorial hadn't been here when both of us had traveled to DC with our families/school. It was very cool to see. It was dusk and the sun set was so pretty!

We saw the Vietnam and Korea memorials after dark, with tours from the National Park Rangers. That was one of our favorite things. I got a pencil and rubbed my Great Uncles name off the wall. It is sobering to rembember that my freedom comes at such a cost.
The Korean Memorial was Britton's favorite. It just seemed very real and personal. It was very neat to see it in the dark.
We went to Arlington. We saw a wreath ceremony at the tomb of the unknown soldier. It made both of us cry. So neat. A guy I went to highschool with is burried in Arlington and I looked him up.
The Seabee memorial is just outside Arlington. My Pappaw was a SeeBee, building runways, etc. for the Navy on the Pacific Islands.
Here is us outside the Whitehouse.
Here is our tired faces, after packed days of sightseeing, and the long drive home in the rain.
SOOOO MUCH FUN! Thanks Britton, this will be hard to top :)


The Shellabys said...

Such a good husband he is!!! :) Tell him I said good job! Love you lots!

The Miller Family said...

Looks like such a fun trip! :o) So glad you got to do this for your bday - good job Britton!