Saturday, May 22, 2010

27s best

I turned 27 last weekend. :) My husband treated me to an amazing trip to DC. It was SOOO wonderful!! :)
This is the first of my 3 birthday posts. I wanted to list the 27 best parts of my year.... things, parts, and people that I'm so very thankful for! In no particular order:

1. Colorado Trip
2. My awesome amazing fun and wonderful Co-workers

3.Kristy’s Phone calls


5. Kelly- our study

6. Having a studio
7. K-1st Derby

8. 2 Years!

9. Friend's Thanksgiving

10. Blog inspiration- including but not even close to limited to...

11. BAT and Scott

12. Casey and Emily

13. First Craft Show

14. Zoo Trips

15. KY Fall

16. Wonderful and Supportive Parents

17. SingAlongs :)

18. Wedding Bee
19. Paint Chips
20. Lisa Tobe
21. Married to my Best Friend

22. MJ and Ryan's Wedding

23.Wine Tasting

24. Susan Beach
25. Reunions

26. Starbucks

27. DC Birthday Trip

1 comment:

Kelly said...

yay for your awesome life!! here's to 28!!