Sunday, November 7, 2010


I used my fall break to be productive too. I really wanted a mat in front of the sink while washing dishes. I bought an ugly "lemonade" mat for $4. I spray painted it black and it was so sticky for days... I was worried it wouldn't work. But it finally dried and wasn't sticky. I then taped it off and sprayed the blue. :) Yay for a monogramed kitchen mat.
This was Britton's dresser from his nursery. I had it from before we were married, it was some wood veneer finish. I was very tired of it. I wiped it down, primed it and then coated it in this grey color (left over wall paint from a friend- thanks kam!) The hardware was gold and I sprayed it black. The kiddos actually helped me on it :) Pardon all the clothes, I couldn't wait to o put them away before I took the picture.

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Kelly said...

so crafty you are :)
i am trying to redo your parents upstairs and you have inspired me!!