Thursday, December 25, 2008

christmas crafts!

I tried to make most of my gifts this year. My sisters are still in progress... but they got cute frames I made with a pic of us from my rehearsal dinner. They turned out cute and I printed a picture for me, so I'll have to make myself one eventually. I made my in-laws a frame with their dog- They LOVE their dog.
For my grandmother I made a card keeper book. I started from scratch and it was a more intense project than I thought, but I think she really liked it and will find it useful. I started with file folders and turned each into a pocket page (I cut the top 1/2 of the front page off and taped the bottom to the back and bottom to create a pocket.) Then I scrapbooked each page for the month. I collected all the family birthdays and listed them for each month (with space to add more). Now she can keep track of her cards and who she has purchased cards for already etc. There are cards for every month and then extra pockets for congratulations cards, encouragement cards, condolence cards, congratulations cards, and baby cards. (I am not posting all, just my favorites)I made Holly and Lindsey's presents too. I don't have pictures of Holly's yet (I'll add them later with pictures of the presents for Britton's friends). For Lindsey I made her wall art using 5x5 canvases. I used my favorite 2008 trick- freezer paper and stenciled her name using different fonts. The fabrics I used match her bed spread. When she gets them hung up I'll post another pic. They had been in my head for awhile so it was fun to see it turn out great. I think next time I will try to remember to stencil before I staple the fabric on the canvas. (It's hard to iron the stencil onto the canvases. I am quite proud of my 2008 resolution success- to craft more :) My inlaws got me a new Singer for Christmas and I have a list of WIP, so 2009 looks good too!


theshellaby's said...

i need a more detailed explanation of the card holder book thing! i think a special grandmother would love one for her birthday in feb! :) you are so freakin creative! i can't even stand it! love you!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love the wall art you made your sister - looks so effective!! Stay tuned for a tutorial on the notebooks (I just need to order more notebooks first!)Have a great 2009.

grammy said...

Happy New Year new sewing machine girl.

Clark said...

My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

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