Saturday, January 31, 2009

Merry Christmas Kristy.

If you remember my sister requested a duvet, my parents bought the fabric, and I made the duvet. Merry Christmas.
So, I finished her duvet quite awhile ago but it's taken me way to long to get her pillows done. But I finally finished them all and they are awesome.

I was inspired by a quilt on purl bee. I didn't use solids. I made my own pattern and made this pillow. :) It needs a 15" insert. It is identical on both sides and uses all 4 of her Amy Butler Fabrics. I installed an invisible zipper.

I was inspired by a tote bag, but I can't find the site. This just has the applique on the front and a patterned back. It's my first applique too! It is 16" and has an invisible zipper too. I used Anna Maria's super circles. I still think I need practice.

I merged 2 tutorials for log cabin pillows and modified them to make them my own. I used the pattern I'd used this summer for the back- I think it's called an envelope back. I quilted it using a zig-zag stitch following the seams of the log cabins. I found a new pattern for the front, using 4 log cabin blocks then I added a few borders to make them larger. The back was quilted using zig-zag stitches on the diagonal.

I made one pillowcase using this tutorial. It was pretty easy. My first french seam! It seems big, so we'll see if she has to buy a bigger pillow. I used the scraps left from the 2 accent fabric, and the rest of the Gray lace.
They and my sisters valentines are on their way. :) "California here they come!" Merry Christmas Kristy Ann. I love you!


Kelly said...

i can't believe how great these are!!
(well, really i can) but you are so super and she will totally love them!!
you are amazing and i can't wait to see them for real. they are awesome!!

Britton Rupp said...

i like the pillows! you are a very crafty wife!!!

B said...

I was wondering why your blog was named what it is. Now I am just green with envy. Not too sure I like you right now because that machine is gorgeous. I'd love to have one like that.

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Katie said...

Love the zig-zag pillow and the pillow case. You did a lot of work on your sister's duvet set! I bet you're happy to be finished. you should be proud, it looks great. Great fabric combos too.