Monday, February 1, 2010


I am already quite in the Valentiney mood. As previously mentioned I got roses last week. Technically I got roses twice last week! These are 1/2 of the ones that got sent to work. :)
I finally finished my Valentine's wreath the middle of January, I refused to take Christmas down until I had Valentine's done- real life motivation :) I had seen this tutorial. I used dollar wrapping paper from the one spot @ Target- I love Target. They took FOREVER to finish... not really once I figured it out, but quite a while to figure it out while watching the youtube video over and over :)
My wreath is more diamond shaped because I wanted it larger. It turned out OK but I am not thrilled. It will only live here until March.
These, however, turned out awesome. :) Britton says between them and the Valentine garland he feels like he lives in a classroom... oh well :) I'm festive- deal with it. I love how they look with the sunlight coming through them!

I'll post my Valentine garland soon, I haven't hung it @ home, only at the house where I nanny. Happy Groundhogs Day! I am not really anxious for Winter to end.... I am sure it will come quickly anyways, but I am flexible :)


grammy said...

Very pretty and festive (o:

kristy said...

you blogged! Thanks you are so crafty and creative. I miss you!

傢伙 said...

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