Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day/ Snow Days!!!

This is some of my Valentine garland :) This is some we hung up @ the house where I nanny. Its all over my living room too, but it took a while to get up since I got it all tangled... oops oh well. I also had another "interruption" while hanging my garland, I found out a good friend went into the hospital. She went to the ER with an awful headache on February 3, they found 2 masses in her brain and she's been in the hospital since. She had surgery last Tuesday and we are still awaiting the results of the biopsy. Her name is Johanne, she is doing well, but still in ICU. She and her husband John would appreciate your prayers.

Meanwhile... Louisville has had 4 snowdays in the last 2 weeks!! :) As a CO girl I believe that winter should either be a)snowy or b) sunny. We have had quite a bit of both this year and I am thrilled! Brooke and I built this snow girl. We were out of carrots and improvised with broccoli. She continuted to evolve, which was fun to watch. She turned into a snow bear with cute little ears and then a lot more arms were added, and I called it a snow octopus.

With extra time on my hands I was semi-productive :) I finally got around to creating curtains for my kitchen. They are a little long, but I am too lazy to fix that now. They work and they make the window look bigger :)
I also patched my favorite pairs of jeans using this tutorial (actually I used a similar one I can't find) . So glad! It feels great to more pairs of jeans again, especially super comfy ones!

Finally, Britton and I went to a Valentines banquet/ball/fundraiser for Hopeful Hearts. They providing medical and nutritional aid along with basic living necessities for orphan children. They supply orphanages in Ukraine and India, built a school in Afghanistan, and run transition homes for teenage orphans in Ukraine, and are about to work with orphans in Haiti. It was really encouraging to hear about people specifically making a difference.
This is my favorite ridiculous picture of us... kinda normal for us :)
I got to take home a centerpiece- I took it apart and it turned into 5 awesome bouquets!!! (one is in the kitchen and I was too lazy to go get it for this picture.) LOVE it!! Hope your Valentines was as wonderful as mine!! :)


Kelly said...

oh you.
1. i want more pics of the banquet and your sexy dress :)
2. i am jealous of all your snow and your snow days, except you have to make them up. haha.
3. happy valentines, i hope my card comes today.
miss you.
oh. and i like the curtains. i don't think they look too long.

grammy said...

Happy snowy weather. Fun pictures. So fun that you won a center piece and I do love the pic of the two of you (o:

happy zombie said...

Katie... I'm trapped in your joyful blog! All those happy faces and beautiful life you live is infectious! I love the photo of you and your husband (the "my favorite ridiculous picture of us")... I hope you have that blown up and it's hanging about your mantel!