Monday, November 8, 2010


We had a blast this year :) Hope your Halloween was fun! Here is Saturday nights party. Britton and I were both Mario characters. He was a goomba and I was a thwomp.

For Britton's costume I followed a tutorial I found here. I got 2 yards of fleece for under $5 and used felt we had. For mine I winged it using a box Britton brought home from work and more of Kam's gray paint.

I made BAT's costume this year too. She was "Hello Kitty". I made her a Hello Kitty Shirt and she helped me make an awesome pink tutu. I had made a headband with ears and a bow, but Britton found her the hat at target and it was perfect for a chilly evening. She loves it! She had a lot of fun and we hung out over there for dinner/ passing out candy/ sitting around the fire/ trick or treating. It was really fun!

One of my goals this year was to have more seasonal wreaths. This one ended up being a work in progress. It is a form wrapped in gray yarn. Then I made some flowers out of tshirts/fabric scraps and added some plastic bats. It was Ok but needed more substance.

I used black yarn to add a web in the middle and a spider from a plastic spider ring, I very much like how it ended up :)
I also made Derby a pirate tutu. :) What a fun month! Now on to November!!


Kelly said...

oh amazing are you :)
i should also add that because you are so amazing, it has rubbed off on me and i too made my own costume. go us!!

Rachel D said...

Thanks for the link to my goomba tutorial. Love how your costumes turned out! The thwomp idea is great - especially love the face. My six-year-old recognized the thwomp immediately and got really excited about it. Take care!