Saturday, November 13, 2010

Super Hero Day!

Friday was super hero day to kick off the book fair :) Yay for random excuses to dress up! I was Harry Potter.... Trying to contain my excitement for the midnight release on Thursday. I used Brittons Grinffendor Tshirt, a scarf made for a previous book or movie release, glasses from the book release for #7, and a cape from my the year my sisters and I were Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather for Halloween. I made a Griffendor crest out of felt and added it to the cape. I made a super mask for me too, but it was deemed unnecessary :)
Pardon my poor lighting (and my crest wasn't that crooked)
Scott wore his Percy Jackson shirt and I made him a cape and mask to match his Zeus lightening logo.
His cape was made from parts of a black Tshirt and was attached with safety pins... He was headed on a field trip and I didn't know if he would want to wear it all day.

Bat was super Hello Kitty. I wanted her to be excited about her outfit and Hello Kitty is her favorite thing right now.
She had a face mask made out of felt, and I modified a ripped princess dressup dress into her cape.

Happy Bookfair to all and to all a goodnight :)


Sarah Cosper said...

I'll have to make Dorothy a Hello Kitty mask! Glad to see you bloggging again, I have been enjoying it. I should join you!

Kelly said...

oh the joys of superheros :)
i love super harry potter and super percy, hello kitty is pretty cool too.
yay for random dress up days!!

kristy said...

you are SO amazing with your crafy skills! Reading your blogs makes me want to spend time with you in person... can we make that happen soon?