Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Costume

Here are the carnival decorations in their glory at the party. They looked really great.

The big top tent :)

Britton and I were trying to figure out what pair we could be for halloween that was affordable and easy. The Halloween party we went to was Friday so I was working on our costumes late Thursday night :) We got white sweatpants for $5 each at Walmart and long sleeved T's for $8 at Meijer. We ended up choosing to be a Nintendo Wiimote and Nunchuck. :) I used photoshop and freezer paper (tutorial) to make my stencils and used acrilic paint and textile meduim to paint them. Spent less than $15 each. Not bad. I even included a wrist strap with the wiimote and a little plug with cord for the nunchuck.

The nunchuck has a analog stick on the top- so that is my hat.

I had white eyeliner and eyeshadow and painted my nails white- Britton said I looked weird, but whatever... How do you look like a nunchuck?
Here is our friend Jason (two-face) pretending to play wii.

Aren't we cute? It was fun. Today, I re-used the stencils again to make a t-shirt for a certain little friend who loves wii. I cannot wait to get picutres! :) What are your creative Halloween plans?


Wammy said...

ing this to Michael after school today! Toooooocute!

The Miller Family said...

Katie - this is so awesome! Love the idea!!! :o)