Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Pina (like Pina Colada) means pineapple. Oh how the Kinder kids loved the cafeteria pineapple. I loved it too. :) I bought the green for the topper yesterday (on sale) 1/4 yard at Hancock. I think I will probably modify it for the next ones, but I am not sure how. It looked nice. Mamaw will love it and it is off on its way.

I also finally started quilting my first (slightly askew) doll quilt too. Here's a preview...

It's starting to get chilly here. I wish I could find the sweatshirt/coat box! How's your fall?
I have my first sub job here on Monday in a Kinder class. Hallelujah!

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grammy said...

Like the pina...and the lamp shades. You are so crafty. I went to a neat store in fort Collins with a friend. It is the Fig Leaf. Really cool quilt kind of a store. That could be addicting. Good thing I don't quilt. I was just looking (O: