Monday, October 27, 2008


I painted these lamps like 2 weeks ago. They were really tacky brass and not in good condition. I sanded them down a little with steel wool, cleaned them up, and painted them black. I have been planning to make the lampshades since my blog about my dream bedroom.

So these lampshades- which I love have been harder than I thought. First I thought I didn't buy enough fabric- so I used what I had to make Kimmi's apron. (I want a picture of you with your birthday apron) :) I went and got more fabric today but I was wrong. The way the print runs on the fabric is what made me short, not my stupidity.... I don't think that made me feel better, I should have figured it out. Oh well. So I made a pattern out of newspaper and cut the fabric the best I could. There is an inch gap at the bottom of the back, but I figure since these are bedside tables and going against the wall It doesn't really matter.... right??
I couldn't get the picture to take with a flash. I need to glue the inside 1 more time. I wish I had some clothespins. I have fabrictac all over my hands. Have you had any projects that didn't turn out quite like you planned?

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Katie said...

I don't think any of my projects turn out exactly how I planned :). The lamps look great! I've been wanting to do this to our current white shades to give them a face-lift how did you attach the fabric to the shade and keep it smooth?