Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy Monday.

So, Thursday was even better than Wednesday! Britton woke me up with a "Grande, non-fat, no-water Chai" from Starbucks. My very favorite! Then when the mail came I had an amazing package from my wonderful sister. She rocks. She has been incredably supportive and amazing and is such a great friend. She sent me 2!!! great mix-cd's (my sisters are both amazing mixed cd experts) , cute socks, a starbucks card!, a sweet and cute card, and an totally cute fall sweater!!!! :) I had been whining that I am tired of living out of my suitcase and I don't have many fall clothes in storage anyways since vegas doesn't have much of a fall. So she decided to help my wardrobe (and morale). I wouldn't survive without her! (she is also my loyal blog stalker!!!) Thanks for being wonderful Kelly! Love you.
I was not nearly as productive as I'd like but I have had fun making progress. My favorite place to sew right now is in the backyard. Here is my setup. :) I "watch" TV on my laptop (I really just listen). I own the first 3 seasons of Macgyver which is what I have been watching lately. Or catch up on my Brothers and Sisters at ABC.com. But today Britton bought me Walker Texas Ranger season 1, so that will be the new fun!!!
I finished my bias tape and used some to finish this lovely bunting. :) I had already cut all the triangles out at derby time and never finished and my friend Matt requested more for his halloween decor. He is hosting a "Joker's carnival" party and I had given him the derby bunting and some sheets that look like circus fun that my friend Kat and I painted one summer in college for me to use as curtains in front of the dorm closets. They were supposed to resemble my striped bedding and we taped them off to create various sized stripes of rainbow. They ended up looking circus like and they are perfect for this party... maybe I'll get a pic of them there.

When we were house-sitting I made these cute logcabin squares with the intention to make a "message board". Isn't her's so cute?! I think I might pin some black and white pictures up on it in our bedroom. So we were cleaning out the closet in Britton's bedroom so we can have a little more room in there and I found a sad bulletin board with an ugly frame. I took off the frame and bought a little black fabric at work tonight and stitched it/stapled it together. I really like it and I think I have enough black fabric to make Kristy (my other lovely sister) a present! :)
This is a preview of an ongoing project.... I'll give you a clue, it's kinda fruity! :) Flying geese are harder than I thought. Can you guess?


Wammy said...

You must never sleep! So many projects...I can't even get one started. Haven't found my groove yet! Love all the projects. I love flying geese! They are a bit challenging but they look great and very impressive.

Jenn's Blog said...

Just so you know, I blog stalk you too:)

Kelly said...

wow, what a great sister you have!! she must be pretty super :)
i like the bulliten board and i think you are lame that you watch walker... as alex safe?? better go check.
i also am not sure what the last hing is considering it is fruity and has geese on it... so i want to see the finished product.
keep up the good work :)
miss you.

grammy said...

where ya going to sew when it gets cold? Walker...yikes..I never really watched that. It was always a Tyson and Dad show and I did something else (: