Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy Wednesday to me!

I worked a food show for my MIL's company from 7:30-4:30 and then worked at the craft store from 5-8 it was amazingly wonderful to have a full day and not sit around, but my feet and lower back aren't as happy. But... when my husband picked me up from work at 8 there were roses and a wonderful card waiting on my seat. Aren't I lucky! They are beautiful and smell amazing. (And I got the vase for free from some neighbors who didn't sell it in their garage sale. I have had lots of garage sale reject luck, but that's another post. So... Thanks to my amazing and wonderful husband and best friend for making me feel loved.


Kelly said...

they are lovely, he is so thoughtful. glad you had a good day :)

grammy said...

How sweet! Glad you got to work. Hope something comes up for both of you.

Wammy said...

well, don't you feel so special! The roses are beautiful. How sweet. So now go put your feet up. Maybe he will rub them for a bit! that wourld be heaven