Saturday, January 3, 2009


Sasha (the dog) wants to be wherever you are.... I call her stalker dog. She sits wherever you where sitting, etc. This was noticeable to an extreme on New Years Day. Britton was playing his new Persona 4 for PS3 and I was using my new!!!! :) Sewing Machine to work on a Duvet for Kristy. Check out the dog hanging out with my Singer. Silly Sasha!

These are not posed, she really is that weird :)

So I made a deal with Kristy and my Mom. Kristy decided in the middle of Dec. she wanted a new duvet. I would sew and mom would buy- Merry Christmas Kristy! :) She picked 2 great Amy Butler fabrics and I photoshopped some pattern ideas. We decided to use gray on the outside so we didn't have to buy as much designer fabric. I found them reasonably online and they shipped here, arriving right before Christmas. I was excited because they are so pretty.

I was going to get some gray kona cotton after they arrived, but nowhere in town was carrying gray, or enough, so I moved on to looking for a flat sheet I could use. I finally found some I liked at my 2nd Target, but It was expensive and only came as a set in full or larger. I ended up buying the queen size bed skirt. I tore it out and made it work as the borders on each side. On one side I had to use some black in the corners. It turned out fine though.
I got to use "the vine" stich on my new sewing machine to topstich the sides of the top edge.
I think I am most proud of the 5 buttonholes!!! I made, and the 5 adorable buttons. Welcome 2009! I am going to try to track the new things I tackle.


grammy said...

Great sewing machine.. i am sure you will use it and use it and .... Cool duvet you made. That dog bruise looks awful. I would have been totally scared of it after that.

Kelly said...

silly dog.
i love the duvet and i am so sad that i dont need one. but i am excited for birthday presents :)
fun new years. you are so creative.

Patsy said...

Good job. Just found your blog. You really do good work. I love the fabric she picked.

grammy said...

I finally found the picture. I am not good at facebook stuff. It is a good picture.

Katie said...

First, congrats on the new machine! Second, that dog is totally weird. Third, I love the Butler fabric...great job on the duvet. Fourth, I can't believe you got bit by a dog, that bruise looks brutal! Is it the same dog from the earlier pictures? I don't blame you for being nervous, I would be too.

Hope you and Britton are doing great, I'm so glad I get to "see" you through blogland :). Happy 2009!