Saturday, January 24, 2009

Kameron's Kitchen

I made Kameron these napkins for her birthday in December. She decided they were too cute to be napkins and also decided that we needed a crafting day together. (a cheap one! :) ) She decided that she wanted to use the napkins as cafe curtains in her kitchen. We stocked up on button kits, mini clothes pins and satin ribbon at the craft store and got to work. She did her stuff and I worked on this months chaos (birthday presents and trying to finish pillows/art stuff to go with Kristy's chrsitmas duvet). They turned out amazing. I had extra scraps she used to cover buttons. She painted the clothes pins using extra wall paint and then glued the buttons to the clothespins. We hung the ribbon at the top of the windows and pinned the napkins up. They look awesome and help finish the adorably already charming kitchen.
Yea for crafty girls!!

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Katie said...

That looks so cute! Who knew napkins could look so good? :)