Saturday, January 24, 2009

Knitting- hobo chic

So I knitted my first real project, using a pattern I MADE UP!!! :) A friend from work helped me with figuring it out. But it really worked. I made myself fingerless gloves. They were super easy. I knit 40 stitches and then knit 20 rows, then i mattress stitched up the seam, except for the thumb. It took me a little while to help me hide the ends, but I am learning.
We started going to a new small group on Thursday nights. (which we love and has been super encouraging.) My new friend Andrea's birthday was yesterday- I quickly made her some. I added some bows to hers. They turned out super cute (and someone else ordered some :) ).

I also whipped up this card using my scraps (and a pack of clearance wedding invitations from target.) I Love Target. I love how it turned out and can see making more in the near future.
She seemed really pleased. I hope she had a great birthday!

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Katie said...

Your gloves look great and the bows are too cute. You should check out this tutorial, it's on my I'd love to learn how to make this list :).