Saturday, January 31, 2009

More Ice and Snow

The ice on the trees is kinda sad- lots are broken etc. but they are so beautiful.

So I'm finding it super ironic that now that I have a job I have enjoyed another week at home crafting.... :) Oh, well. Louisville has had a psycho ice/snow storm and so there has been no school since Monday. Lots of the city is without power. As I mentioned I spent a few days cross stitching, knitting, and hanging out with Britton while he played video games- His work had no power either.
When he went back to work yesterday I got into full sewing mode. I
I am very thankful to be warm and have electricity. The whole subdivision doesn't get plowed and I have gotten stuck in the cul-de-sac at least twice. Seems silly to me- I grew up where 6 inches of snow didn't stop traffic. The girl at the Meijer Starbucks recognized me today.... It's been my escape the last few days.

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Kelly said...

too bad its so warm and toasty here. atleast you have power this time. it is lovely :)
awe snow. enjoy your icecream, sorry no real syrup.